Shehan Wijayasinghe

Shehan Wijayasinghe

Managing Director

Leader of the herd. Elephant’s Managing Director Shehan’s career has spanned across professional services, finance, banking and strategy.

After years of suiting up, day in, day out Shehan decided that if he was going to live his best life, he was going to do it in trackie-dacks, and so Elephant was born.

In the early stages of Shehan’s career, his biggest challenge (besides having unpopular opinions on elasticated waistbands) was having a million and one ideas and good intentions about buying property, budgeting, starting a business and growing his finances but not enough time to hone in on the planning and start acting on his intentions.

Life didn’t slow down or get any less busy, but with lots of hard work and too many all-nighters, he began ticking things off the list..but he knew that there had to be a better way.

Shehan started Elephant Advisory to connect fast-paced, career-focused professionals with the proactive, forward thinking financial advice and services they need to make great life decisions.

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