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Secure your dream home with our tailored home loans for nurses.

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Home Loans for Nurses

At Elephant Advisory, we recognise the unwavering dedication and tireless commitment that nurses bring to their profession.

We understand the importance of providing nurses with a seamless and stress-free process when it comes to purchasing their dream homes. That's why we offer specialised home loan solutions tailored exclusively for nurses like you.

Book a free chat with our finance team to discover how our nurse home loan services will empower you towards homeownership.

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Our Home Loan Services For Nurses


By obtaining home loan pre-approval for nurses through us, you can bid at an auction with confidence, knowing that your finance is secured and your settlement day will be a success.

Home Loans

Receive personalised assistance and expert guidance on your home loan options from top-tier brokers renowned for securing the most favourable mortgage rates for nurses in Melbourne.


Our commitment extends beyond home loan approval. We'll continuously monitor and review your home loan to identify the most best refinancing options, ensuring that you always benefit from the lowest rates available.

Construction Loans

When it comes to building or renovating your property, a construction loan could be your best loan option. With our extensive understanding of construction loans, we'll help you successfully finance your project.

House & Land Packages

Financing the construction of your dream home and the land it is easy with a house & land package loan. Our finance team will ensure a stress-free experience, empowering nurses to build your ideal home with peace of mind.

Property Wealth Planning

Building a thriving property portfolio is an excellent way to  maximise the financial potential of your nursing career. As a nurse or healthcare professional, our team of experts are here to create a tailored property wealth plan to chart your path to success.

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Nurse Home Loans To Unlock Your Property Goals

We are passionate about helping nurses unlock the doors to their dream properties, whether it's a first home, an investment property, or an upgrade.

Our team of experts offers personalised solutions, expert guidance, and tailored resources to empower nurses on their path to homeownership and property success.

Let us be your trusted partner on this journey, providing the support you need to navigate the complexities of the property market and make informed decisions that align with your long-term goals.

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Why choose us?

Nurse Home Loan Specialists

We've spent many years helping Melbourne's dedicated nurses leverage their earning power to achieve their wealth and property goals. Get finance help from mortgage brokers who care as much as you do.

Long-Term Relationships

We prioritise long-term relationships over short-term transactions. Our brokers will provide expert guidance to ensure that your mortgage evolves with your current needs and goals, supporting you throughout your nursing career and beyond.

Leading Customer Service

We go above and beyond traditional mortgage brokerage to deliver an unmatched level of customer care. Our commitment to finding the best possible outcomes for our clients has earned us repeated industry awards and recognition.


Trust the leaders in the industry to find the best rate for you. With extensive experience in the home loan industry, we've established ourselves as one of Melbourne's top brokerage firms. Don't settle for the first rate you see; let us secure the ideal one for you.

Informed Loan Solutions

We understand that, as a nurse, your lifestyle and financial situation are unique. Our specialised finance services are designed to cater to your income and way of life, ultimately helping lower your interest costs and increase your borrowing power.

Strategic Financial Partners

At Elephant Advisory, we go beyond mortgage brokering. Consider us your strategic financial partner, readily available to provide support and guidance for all your financial decisions throughout your nursing career.

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Award-Winning Finance

With our finance team consistently delivering exceptional service, we've earned continuous industry recognition as leading mortgage brokers in Melbourne and beyond.

In 2022, our own Gavin Hepponstall was awarded Best Loan Administrator at the Australian Broking Awards for his outstanding service to clients.

If you're a nurse or healthcare professional seeking financing for a property purchase or construction, book a free chat below with our award-winning mortgage brokers.

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How do I improve my borrowing power?

Whether you're a nurse or any other professional, maximising your income and securing the best budget for your home purchase is crucial. Discover our top tips for boosting your borrowing potential before your next home loan application.

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