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Loans for Investment Properties

Investing in property can be a lucrative way to build wealth, but it's crucial to have the right finance in place to maximise your success. That's where our investment property loans come in.

We use our experience to provide property investors with a range of loan options, helping secure the finance they need to achieve their investment goals. Whether you're looking to purchase your first investment property or expand your portfolio, we can provide tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Don't let financing hold you back from realising your investment dreams - contact us today to learn how we find the best investment property loans for our clients.

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Our Investment Loan Services


Buying an investment property requires planning. We'll help you obtain home loan pre-approval so you can bid with confidence, knowing your finance is sorted.

Home Loans

Get tailored help and advice on your home loan options from brokers with an exceptional record of finding the best mortgage rates and deals here in Melbourne.


Our work doesn't stop after you get your investment property loan. We'll review your loan and find the best refinancing options to lower your interest costs.

Construction Loans

If you're building or improving your investment property, a construction loan may be your best option. As construction loan experts, we can help you finance your project successfully.

House & Land Packages

A house & land package loan will help you finance the construction of your first house, as well as the land it sits. With us handling the loan, you can build your dream home stress-free.

Property Wealth Planning

Building a successful property portfolio takes time and planning. If you're about to buy your first home, our experts will create a tailored property wealth plan to map out your path to success.

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Melbourne's Best Investment Property Loans

With the right investment property loans can fast-track your path to property wealth with finance that maximise your equity and financial position. Unfortunately, navigating the complex world of investment property mortgages can be daunting. This is where our team of Melbourne-based mortgage brokers can help.

With years of experience and access to a range of lenders, we offer tailored advice to help you secure the best mortgage for your investment property.

Let us take the stress out of the investment property loan process so you can focus on building your property portfolio.

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Why choose us?

Investment Property Loan Specialists

With extensive experience in the home loan industry, we deliver quality finance solutions for your next investment property loan. We help property investors take their portfolio to the next level is our bread and butter.

Long-Term Relationships

We prioritise building long-term relationships, not short-term transactions. Our guidance throughout your investment journey ensures you meet your evolving financial wealth needs.

Leading Customer Service

Our customer care goes beyond traditional mortgage brokerage, earning us industry awards for outstanding service. We're committed to exceeding your expectations.


With many years in the home loan industry, we've earned a reputation as one of Melbourne's leading brokerage firms. Our dedication to providing excellent servicing has us uniquely poised to offer exceptional investment property loan services.

Informed Loan Solutions

Investing in a property is an enormous financial decision. That's why we offer informed investment property loan services that cater to your unique needs, ensuring you reach the best- possible finance outcome.

Strategic Financial Partners

At Elephant Advisory, we're more than a mortgage broker. We're your strategic financial partner, guiding you through your property journey on everything from the best rates and deals to smart money managing practices.

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Award-Winning Finance

Our finance team has consistently provided exceptional service, earning us continued industry recognition as leading mortgage brokers in Melbourne and beyond.

In 2022, our very own Gavin Hepponstall was awarded Best Loan Administrator at the Australian Broking Awards for his exceptional service to clients.

If you're seeking award-winning assistance with getting loan approval for your next investment property loan, book a free chat with us by clicking the button below.

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Four tax deductions every property investor should know about

In Australia, there are numerous incentives to encourage consumers to invest in property, especially when it's for rental income purposes. In this article, our investment property loan experts go through the tax deductions that every property investor should be taking advantage of.

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