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Get a highly-skilled CFO to provide strategic financial advice and expertise for your small business, without breaking your budget.

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Are you looking Virtual CFO services in Melbourne?

As a small to medium-sized business, you need the skills of a Chief Financial Officer but might not be in a position to afford one. Hiring a virtual CFO can give you the best of both worlds, providing your business with a high level of expertise without the significant cost of full employment. Our Virtual CFO experts deliver specialised financial advice and assistance when you need it, ensuring the continued health of your business.

Our virtual CFO services in Melbourne will help you grow your business through expert scenario analysis, financial modelling and forecasting, KPI management, monthly reviews and more. For a free consultation, give us a call or come in for a chat at our Mount Waverley, Port Melbourne or Chadstone offices.

Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis is a powerful technique to combat the uncertain nature of small business. It involves analysing how future events and external pressures might impact the performance of your business and what processes are needed to prepare for those circumstances. Through scenario analysis, our virtual CFO will help you make strategic business decisions by planning for: Changing economic conditions, Changes to your product line, The impact of upsizing/downsizing your business, Future competition in your industry, Future revenue and profit.

Financial Modelling, Forecasting & Budgeting

An expert pair of eyes will be able to tell you exactly how your business is performing. Our business accounting specialists will analyse your business metrics and ensure that you’re in the best position to be achieving your goals. This includes identifying potential risks and areas of improvement, as well as maintaining effective cash flow management practices.

KPI Management

KPI management is a term used to describe the process of setting, performing, monitoring and analyzing specific industry key performance indicators (or KPIs) which helps companies and organizations in measuring the level of success in reaching their business objectives. We’ll set up suitable key performance indicators to assist with measuring your own ability to set and achieve goals. These KPIs can be used to measure your customer satisfaction, employee performance, and general engagement levels with any audience the company specifically targets.

Monthly/Quarterly Meetings & Financial Reports

Having a virtual CFO on board will give you regular access to the expertise your business needs. We’ll conduct monthly or quarterly meetings (depending on your business needs) with you to analyse and discuss the performance of your business. We’ll work with you to build a plan heading forward and provide detailed financial reports that will help you track all areas of your business.

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How a Virtual CFO can reshape your finances

A virtual CFO can be a game-changer for a business looking to reshape their finances. With deep financial expertise and strategic insights, our highly-skilled accountants can identify your business's opportunities for growth, streamline your operations and optimise your financial performance.

Our Virtual CFOs in Melbourne provide high-level financial analysis and guidance, helping your business make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. By working with a virtual CFO, your business will gain a competitive edge that will drive your long-term success.

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Meet our Accounting Team

Sam Draper and Oz Karabadjak are two highly-skilled accounting professionals with extensive experience growing small businesses in Melbourne. As CPA and Chartered Accountants, the pair had been on their own small business journey for two years before merging with Elephant Advisory in 2021.

Today, Sam and Oz have built long-lasting relationships with each client through genuine care for their work. If there’s one thing these Melbourne small business accountants love more than crunching numbers, it’s watching a client achieve their business goals.

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Virtual CFO FAQs

This will all depend on your individual business needs and your capacity to afford a full-time CFO internally. A virtual CFO will be an important force behind the growth of your business and can work to prevent potential dangers such as poor cash flow management.

Our virtual CFO packages are tailored to each business depending on the level of services required. To get a price guide for your business, we offer a free consultation while we get to know your business’ needs.

This will also depend on the needs of your business and the cost of our service, however we will typically engage in monthly or quarterly meetings with each business to ensure continued compliance and performance.

In short, yes we can. Bookkeeping is one of the services our accounting team offers and can be included in a virtual CFO package if your business requires.

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